ॐ इ॒मन्दे॑वा ऽअसुप॒त्न सु॑वध्वम्मह॒ते क्ष॒त्राय॑ मह॒ते ज्यै॑ष्ठ्याय मह॒ते जान॑राज्या॒येन्द्र॑य॑ ।
इ॒मम॒मुष्य॑ पु॒त्रम॒मुष्यै॑ पु॒त्रमस्यै वि॒शऽए॒ष वो॑मी॒ राजा सोमो॒ स्माक॑म्ब्राह्म॒णाना॒ राजा॑ ॥

We are Sompura Tirth Purohit

The Sompura Brahmins, also known as Somvanshi, trace their lineage back to the Vedic era. The Vedic mantra “इमन्देवा असपत्न्या” states “सोमोस्माकं ब्राह्मणानां राजा” which means that the moon god is the king of our Brahmin lineage. Although we may not have physically come from the moon, our ancestors hailed from the land where the moon held its influence. In Vedic culture, the moon is associated with the origin of herbs, which have a purifying effect on the internal organs and mechanisms of the body. It is believed that the people from the land influenced by the moon’s energy possessed the purest blood, which we identify as “Aryan blood.


Origin History

Skand Puran

According to their traditions, the Sompura Brahmin are so named because they were created by the god Chandra to perform sacred ceremonies called Som Yajna for the god Shiva. They are concentrated in the town of Prabhas Patan and form one of the oldest Brahmin communities in Gujarat. They speak Gujarati. Skand Puran gives the reference for the creation of Sompura Brahmins wide it’s chapters 21/22/23/24.

Pratishtha Yagyag

The Agnihotri brahmins from Chandra Lok came to Prabhas Patan with Hemgarbha-the chief secretary of Moon God to conduct-perform a pratishtha yagya of the first temple of lord Somnath and after the yagya the moon god requested these Brahmins to stay there.


These Brahmins stayed near Somnath so they are called Sompura Brahmins. Generally, the civilizations develop and moves with the source of water worldwide, but the sompura brahmin is the only class who have been stable near Somnath for at least 2000 years.

Sompura Dynasty

In 10th century, some families with children, aged peoples, and pregnant ladies migrated towards Rajasthan, Maharashtra to the South. Rajasthan class vipers adopted temple architecture, they are known as sompura Shilpi, southern class dvijas merging with the local culture but kept samskara of their origin, they are known today as sorarhi brahmins most families are near Madurai Gotras and cultures may varied, historically their root is in sompura dynasty.

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