Triveni Sangam

It is believed to represent the convergence of three different streams. In the general context of Prabhas, people often mention that the Hiranya, Kapila, and Saraswati rivers merge there, but this is only partially true. Triveni is also used to describe three types of divine active powers: the power of desire (Iccha Shakti), the power of action (Kriya Shakti), and the power of knowledge (Jnana Shakti). These powers are collectively referred to as Triveni.

In context of Prabhas, Triveni represents the confluence of the ocean and rivers.


मेलयिष्यन्ति त्रिविधा प्रवाहाः
यत्र वा यस्या सा त्रिवेणी

Triveni, in the context of yogic air flow through the nostrils, is known as the convergence of three energy channels: Iइडा पिङ्गला सुषुम्ना.

The term Triveni is associated with the three goddesses: Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati. These three goddesses are sometimes collectively referred to as Triveni.

Furthermore, the term Triveni can also refer to the gathering of an infant, their parents, and grandparents, symbolizing three generations coming together.

Conversations between Shiva and Parvati

Skanda Purana - Prabhas Khanda

Conversations between Devi Parvati and Mahadev Shiva

ततो गच्छेत् महादेवी मिश्रतीर्थमनुत्तमम् ।
सरस्वती हिरण्याश्च समुद्रश्चैव भामिनी।।

Goddess, it is advised to visit the sacred place known as Tirtha and Kshetra, which is the dual abode where the Vedic river Sarasvati and Hiranya merge with the ocean called Ratnakar

The Rigveda also mentions Prabhas, emphasizing its significance.

यत्र प्राची सरस्वती यत्र सोमेश्वरो देव स्तत्र
मामम्रृतं क्रृधी इन्द्रायेन्द्रो परिस्रुवः

Where vedic Saraswati flows from east, where Lord Someshvar bestows boon, the nectar flows like Indra's strength, shower of rain.

Shraddha rituals

It is stated and emphasized that the practice of idol worship is relatively newer compared to the sacrificial system or Yajya. During the Vedic era, pilgrimages were primarily undertaken for the purpose of penance or purifying oneself from sins through ritual practices such as Tirth Yatra (pilgrimage to sacred places) and Shraddha Tarpan (ritual offering for deceased ancestors) to attain their ultimate liberation or moksha.

The Triveni Sangam at Prabhas was a preferred destination for these practices, and even today, thousands of families from around the world visit Triveni to perform Shraddha rituals for their ancestors.

Devote performing pinda danam at Triveni Sangam

Devote performing pinda danam at Triveni Sangam

Sompura brahman with Devote

Sompura brahman with Devote